Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Website updated, Clasp Re-jiggle planned

The Kiron Games website has been updated to include downloads required to play some of my games!
Downloads are updated as I update and patch games, also any optional or additional content will be uploaded to that page so players can choose to add it at their leisure.
To get there simply click downloads on the sidebar of the new KG website or follow this link.

Clasp Larp system is about to be jiggled, Planned upgrades to it are:

  • A rebalance of item costs

  •  Additional abilities in the strategy school

  • A more detailed look at the factions + Faction ranking system

  • These improvements will hopefully allow more reactive gameplay.


    New map for Clasp LARP

    Clasp LARP has a new map!
    This is the map for the Clasp LARP that I just finished yesterday night!
    The map shows the areas of control for all religions

    Tuesday, 11 September 2012

    Broken History 1.0 Release

    Broken History 1.0 RELEASED!!!

    Finally after a long wait, Broken history is finished (for now)
    I've also created some reference sheets for players who have a less than adequate memory like moi!

    For more information and links to download the game join the Broken History Facebook Group
    Partly because I like to get feedback directly from people who play my games, and partly because I want to know who is playing my game haha.

    Here is a list of features:

    • Full game rules
    • Abilities and armoury (equipment)
    • Avatar System tree
    • Campaign map and campaign system explanation
    • Full troop lists for all 4 factions and mercenaries
    • Full list of Siege weapons available for this game
    • Different game modes for varying situations
    • Hours of fun
    • Models are high quality but very affordable (I personally get them from here.)

    If you want a background on each of the factions, help with your models or a play with my new Hit --> Injure --> Morale Calculator then rock on over to the Broken History page on the KG website. I would post it here but it's a complicated Javascript file.

    I'm looking for people to join an upcoming campaign as well, so if you live in the South West of England contact me via my usual means (Google + or The BH Facebook group) and I'll let you in on the location of our test labs xD

    Fight well comrades!