Broken History

Broken History Campaign is almost here!

Broken history is moving forward and the armies are being amassed!

Prepare your very own army buy reading the rules and the expansion rules roll for your character's background and then start building your army with the gold you have available.

Purchase your models from anywhere you like (But I recommend this site) and paint them up using whatever paints you like (preferably model acrylic paints such as citadel paints, Mantic paints or Vallejo paints or 'Airfix' paint Humbrol, revel and Tamiya acrylics).

Bring your painted army along to one of the sessions (dates to be determined) and get ready to fight!

Broken History 1.0 RELEASED!!!

Finally after a long wait, Broken history is finished (for now)
I've also created some reference sheets for players who have a less than adequate memory like moi!

For more information and links to download the game join the Broken History Facebook Group
Partly because I like to get feedback directly from people who play my games, and partly because I want to know who is playing my game haha.

Here is a list of features:

  • Full game rules
  • Abilities and armoury (equipment)
  • Avatar System tree
  • Campaign map and campaign system explanation
  • Full troop lists for all 4 factions and mercenaries
  • Full list of Siege weapons available for this game
  • Different game modes for varying situations
  • Hours of fun
  • Models are high quality but very affordable (I personally get them from here.)

If you want a background on each of the factions, help with your models or a play with my new Hit --> Injure --> Morale Calculator then rock on over to the Broken History page on the KG website. I would post it here but it's a complicated Javascript file.

I'm looking for people to join an upcoming campaign as well, so if you live in the South West of England contact me via my usual means (Google + or The BH Facebook group) and I'll let you in on the location of our test labs xD

Fight well comrades!

Broken History:

The great kingdoms of the world fight over Europe and Asia in a strategic table-top minitures game that incorperates real history and fantasy, there is no magic, but soldiers have special talents. The world is split between 4 fantasy factions;LeonTrios, the south and western european kingdom, home of chivalry medieval ideals, the land of the Christians longbows and mounted knights. Saxathia, the north and central European kingdom, home of the dark/iron age druids and the old gods, huscarles, berserkers, mead and long-ships. Hellios, The Mediterranean kingdom, under zeus and the greek gods, phallanxes and the sons of Alexander, and finally the kingdom of Drakon of the middle east and far east, home of the steppe riders, the Buddhists, the Han and the Samurai.

World Map

Red - Leontrois
Blue - Hellios
Green - Saxathia
Purple - Drakon
Grey - Barbarians

On this page I will post updates concerning Broken History, including dates of playtests, games and sneak peaks at certain troops and abilities.

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